A 90 meters per minute revolution

Optimized times of multifiber micro-cables jetting. It hasn’t ever been so easy, thanks to Cable Jetting Machines.

For jetting method potentiality and an over 300 N maximum propulsion power, the Minijet P02 ensures great performances for operators working in Italian new FTTH networks: FlashFiber, Enel Open Fiber and Infratel.

The MiniJet P02 is designed for blowing and floating cables (with a 4 to 16 diameter) to over 90 meters per minute, absolutely handy for on-site operators.

These high performances are possible both for double strong push belts and air-compressed pushed in conduits: the high pressure makes the cable float within conduits, avoiding contacts and frictions, slowing harder jetting operations.

So it’s easy to understand how much this instrument is useful for installations activities, allowing to maximize time and performance.

A real 90 meters per minute revolution.