Assemblying Activity

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Assemblying Activity

Fibernet offers its clients an in-lab assembly service of any kind of sub-frame and optical box and other on-demand products as well as a third party assembly system.

Advantages of these activities for the installer:

  • Elimination of potential issues tied to the splicing on-site activity of the same
  • Saving of labor and time (only one side remains to be connected on site)
  • Security of a product certified in a Fibernet laboratory
  • Saving costs

Fibernet is the sole 3M distributor of the sub-frame 144 f.o, found in the 3M ODF used in Telecom Italia central offices. (see section: 3M OPTICAL DISTRIBUTION FRAME UP TO 144 F.O.,  found in “FIBER OPTICS DISTRIBUTION PRODUCTS”)

Fibernet can quickly supply the entire optical backbone network kit, as specified by Telecom Italia Spa, consisting of:

  • Splice-termination sub-frame 144fo
  • Optical cables 144 fo made by Tratos Cavi Spa
  • Laboratory assembled sub-frame (splice activity and fiber optic certification)