Central Office Minibreakout application

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Central Office Minibreakout application

Fibernet proposed the use of the minibreakout cable (in collaboration with Tratos Cavi Spa) to the dominant telephone operators in Italy in central offices, to facilitate connections between optical devices and distribution frames. This product allows reductions in encumbrances of up to 50% compared to that of a standard breakout cable, facilitating the laying and management of the cable in the same stations.

Through the development process of these applications for telephone centers, Fibernet has designed and developed:

  • A system of connection apparatus-distribution frame that doesn’t require on-site junctions
  • Branching of millimetric precision with the aim to avoid extra length side apparatuses
  • Connectors with soft boot and in some cases angled at 50°, to avoid breakages in proximity of the connector critical for full functionality of the solution with minibreakout
  • Racks in metal for the fixing of the cables designed specifically for various devices
  • Metal deflectors to promote the cooling of the cables, due to the necessity of dispelling the heat of the equipment


For further technical information regarding the minibreakout cable, see section “Optical cable assembly” – “Minibreakout”