The sealed optic splice closure is a container with a high IP protection level used in a hostile external environment (humidity, dust etc.) to protect the spliced cables.


  • Models available with in-line or dome cable entrance
  • Equipped with wall anchorage kit, splice boards and heat shrinkable kit for key entrance
  • Capacity from 12 up to 192 junctions

The in line junction closures are an excellent container to protect the couplings in underground environments or for the repair of optical cables in aerial installations.


  • Capacity to accommodate from 12 to 192 couplings
  • Protection level IP68
  • Hermetic and waterproof
  • Suitable to resist temperatures from -40 ͦC to + 65 ͦC

The dome closures are passive optical containers of great security to protect the optical terminations in primary and secondary networks, or for the repair of optical connections in hostile environments.


  • Points of cable entrance/exit 1 oval and up to 8 circular
  • Grade of protection IP68
  • Capacity to accommodate from 24 to 144 f.o.
  • Suitable to resist temperatures from -40 ͦC to + 70 ͦC