Dielectric Loose Tube Cables

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Dielectric Loose Tube Cables

Loose cables with dielectric protection (that is, are not conductors) are mostly used in outdoor settings rather than indoor. The internal fiber has one primary coating (250um coating) and can be contained in one or two tubes.

Each fiber in the tube is differently colored, allowing easy identification for the operator.

There is a glass fiber protection between the tubes and the external sheath, offering basic protection from rodents.

    • Cables with capacity 12 – 24 – 48 – 72 fibers are available (other capacities also available on request)
    • Factory pre-connectorization is available through octopus branching system
    • Available without pre-connectorization for any length
    • Loose dielectric cables are supplied with a certificate displaying the results of the optical tests undertaken
    • Our lab is equipped to undertake optical, mechanical and environmental testing in order to be compliant with international standards (IEC) and to technical specifications required by national operators.