Fiber Optic Connector

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Fiber Optic Connector

Fibernet’s productive sector consists of five manufacturing lines and a technical laboratory for optical, mechanical and environmental testing. The lab is capable of producing and supplying a vast range of optical connectors in high demand in the following markets:

1. Telecommunications:  Laboratory assembly of all ranges of the most common types of connectors used in telecommunications sector: SC, LC, FT, and ST as well as those of the latest generation such as MU, E2000 and MPO (Telecom Italia approved).

2. Broadcasting: Laboratory assembly of LEMO connectors used in the broadcasting sector (LEMO approved).

3. Military:  Distribution of connectors for military use.


  • All connectors come with the lapping geometry PC (Physical Contact), UPC (Ultra Physical Contact) and APC (Angled Physical Contact)
  • All connectors can be assembled on single mode optical fiber (9/125) and on multi-mode (50-62.5/125) with a diameter from 0.9 mm to 3mm. LSZH or PVC sheathing available.
  • The production process, and in particular the lapping process, is constantly monitored interferometrically to guarantee the correct surface between the ferrules
  • 100% of the connectors are tested by Insertion Loss and Return Loss @ 1310-1550nm