Fiber Optics Cleaning Kit

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Fiber Optics Cleaning Kit

It is estimated that 70% of the malfunctioning of fiber optic systems is due impurities and dust that deposit on the surfaces of the connector ferrules. The cleaning of the connectors is fundamental to ensure the correct functioning of fiber connections.

Fibernet supplies a vast range of fiber optic cleanings tools, giving the possibility to create a personalized cleaning kit complete with a compact case that is easy to carry.

The following can be included in the kit:

  •  Cleaners from 1.25mm and 2.50mm
  • Stick cleaners from 1.25mm and 2.50mm
  • Dry wipes
  • Wet wipes
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Cletop
  • Compressed air spray


Fibernet’s One-Click cleaner rapidly removes dust and dirt from connector ferrules. Thanks to a compact, ergonomic design, it is easy to use and carry when on site. Available in two sizes:

  • 1.25mm for the smallest connectors (LC, MU, etc.)
  • 2.50mm for standard connectors (FC, SC, ST, etc.)


Made of a non-abrasive material that efficiently removes dust, grease, oil and dirt from the connectors or from naked fibers. Two versions are available:

  • Chemtronics supersaturated wipes
  • Kimtech dry tissues

Isopropyl alcohol is fundamental for efficiently cleaning bare fibers and connector heads when on site or in the laboratory. Fibernet supplies three different versions:

  • 400 ml spray can
  • 0.5 ltr container
  • 1 ltr container

Cletop is a product that was designed to clean fiber optic ferrules.  An anti-static microfiber tape is capable both of removing dust and of minimizing dust clinging to the surface of ferrules.


  • Size: 130 x 75 x 40mm
  • 160 gms in weight


A can of compressed air can quickly and efficiently clean numerous optical components.  For cleaning in the smallest of spaces an adapter, 150mm long and 2.5mm in diameter, is available.


  • The can is 188mm high, diameter 65mm
  • 400ml can

The Fibernet fiber optic cleaning kit comes in an easy-to-carry case. These tools are indispensable to correctly and efficiently maintain systems. Completely personalized, it is a practical, made-to-measure solution for every client’s needs.