Mini Breakout Cables

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Mini Breakout Cables

Mini breakout cables are an innovative product recently on the market, made up of a group of optical braces, each one with the dimensions of pigtail fibers (0.9mm).  Kevlar is present inside each brace, as an FRP. This makes the cables lighter, giving them smaller dimensions compared to the classic breakout cables.

They are used both for FTTH vertical cabling and in substitution for breakout cables in central offices/data centers to connect network devices to optical distribution frames.

  • 8 – 12 – 24 – 36, 24 x 2 (48) fibers are available
  • The external diameter is 50% smaller than normal breakout cables
  • Optimal resistance when attaching the fiber to the connector
  • Available with single-mode fibers G.657A2 (other fibers on request)
  • Available with diverse types of connectors
  • The mini breakout cable is complete with a certificate indicating tests undertaken
  • Our lab is equipped to undertake optical, mechanical and environmental testing in order to be compliant with international standards (IEC) and to technical specifications required by national operators.

These cables are connected at one end only and are used to connect the closure of the main ring network tothe street side cabinet.

Fibernet proposed the reinforced version to Telecom Italia, given that these cables are mainly used externally and on roads.

These cables, that are pre-connected at both ends, are utilized in the optical connection between data rooms.

Fibernet has proposed the use of these cables to major operators to connect network equipment to Optical Distribution Frame.