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The  MPO connectors ( Multi-fiber Push On ) are the ideal solution for the wiring in areas with high density of fibers, such as data centers.

There are 12 or 24 optical fibers inside the MPO connector

  • Available with PC (Physical Contact) and APC ( Angled Physical Contact ) lapping geometry
  • It can be assembled on singlemode ( 9/125 ) and multimode ( 50/125 OM2, OM3, OM4 ) fiber with LSZH cable jacketing
  • The production process, in particular the lapping procedure, is constantly monitored by interferometric measurement in order to obtain a correct contact between the ferrules.
  • The 100 % of the connectors is tested through the measurement of Insertion Loss and Return Loss @ 1310-1550 nm.
  • Our laboratory is equipped to perform optical, environmental and mechanical tests, to verify the compliance of our products with the international standards ( IEC ) and with the  technical specifications of the national operators

12 or 24 f.o. dielectric cable, both sides assembled with MPO / MTP connectors.

- Grants a substantial space saving  ( ideal for high density environments )

- Excellent optical and mechanical properties

- LSZH Cable jacketing

12 or 24 f.o. dielectric fan out, assembled on one side with MPO connector and on the other side with LC or SC connectors

- Reduction of  installation time

- Excellent optical and mechanical properties

- LSZH Cable jacketing

The MPO/MTP panels are used in high density environments. They have 4 positions for the MPO/MTP module.

- Up to 96 fibers with LC adapters 4 ways

- With 4 slots for  MPO- LC modules

- 1U

The MPO/MTP modules provide a safe transition between MPO and LC connectors

- Pre-assembled with adapter and fan-out of 250 um inside the module

- With two MPO outputs

- Tested and certified in laboratory