Din Rail Mounted Enclosure

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Din Rail Mounted Enclosure

These optical boxes are used for the termination of optic fiber cables inside electrical racks equipped with DIN bar.

Totally made in steel, this Mini enclosure is suitable for installation on DIN rail. Compact and rugged, it can allows up to 12 connections in no flange SC Simplex, LC duplex or ST / FC adapters – sold separately.


  • Metal construction, powder painted
  • Small size
  • Splice holder allows up to 12 terminations
  • Stepped membrane cable entry glands to suit cables with different size
  • Available with SC simplex, LC duplex, or ST/FC front plate
  • Snap-in DIN rail brackets

BOX a 2-4 f.o.

The Optical Termination Box, from 8 up to 12 f.o., comes with a DIN rail mounting system. It has a clear cover to ease the identification of the optical links and it can be customizable with the own company logo.


    • Made with plastic material
    • Available from 8 up to 12 terminations
    • Available with ST, FC, SC simplex, LC duplex connectors
    • Customizable with own company logo
    • Equipped with the support kit for DIN rail, splice sleeve holder, cable glands etc.