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In the beginning of the 1980s Bema Sas, a Fibernet subsidiary company, was tasked with developing new products and solutions for the emerging fiber optics market.

At that time the majority of instruments used for the control of optical connectors were very cumbersome and did not adapt to the practical needs of the on-site operator.

Bema Sas is proudly responsible for the development and production of the following instruments:

  • The first portable microscope for the inspection of optical connectors
  • A control system for the eccentricity of the ferrule to use on-site

Both products were entirely developed in Italy and sold to one of the most important European producers of fiber optic connectors.



One of the first portable microscopes for the inspection of optical connectors, produced in 1985 by the Bema Sas company, in Italy.

BEMA CAMERA SYSTEM (Famiglia Storia TAB 2)

The first instrument for the measurement of eccentricity of the ferrule of reduced dimensions, used by Diamond in the production of the optical connectors for in-lab applications.

Produced in 1986 by the Bema Sas company, in Italy.