The stripper is ideal to remove optical fiber coatings, in order to strip the cladding. This process is essential in both connection and splice application.

According to the product, this tool can even strip external jacket, as well as coating and buffer.

  • Ripley Miller Mechanical Stripper
  • Ripley Miller Stripper
  • Trial Hole Stripper

This mechanical fiber stripper allows to strip primary coating (250 μm), secondary buffer coating (900 μm), and 1.6 ÷ 3 mm outer jackets. Available with measurement scale and brush for periodic cleaning.

Ripley Miller Stripper is proper for stripping every optical fiber jacket (coating, buffer and external jacket).

All cutting surfaces are precision formed, hardened, tempered and ground assuring precise buffer removal. Available with 1 hole (for stripping 250 µm buffer coating) or with 3 holes (for stripping 250 µm, 900 µm, and 3 mm buffer coatings).

This tool performs all common fiber stripping functions, that is able to remove primary buffer coating (250 µm), secondary coating (900 µm) and external jacket (2-3 mm).