Test Bed

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Test Bed

The creation of the test bed came from the necessity to simulate, in very compact spaces, a PON (Passive Optical Network) in optical fiber.

This apparatus is highly useful for those who intend to:

  • Train their technicians in the measurement of a PON (FTTx)
  • Distinguish the various components of the PON (splitter, couplings, fiber, etc.)
  • Study and determine the best settings of the O.T.D.R. for the measurement of the network
  • Test and evaluate the performance of the equipment used (thanks to FBG filters that simulate the optical termination in the user’s home)




  • Portable case.  Compact dimensions (mm 190 x 310 x h 270)
  • Up to 20.000 m of fiber optic network
  • Lightweight (less than 5 kg)
  • Polypropylene case (IP67)
  • Complete freedom to personalize the components inserted in the simulated PON network