Fiber Optics Management

  • Optical Termination Boxes Wall-Mounted

    Optical Termination Boxes Wall-Mounted

    These boxes are used for the termination of fiber optic cables both for internal and external use with an adequate grade of IP. CHARACTERISTICS: Made with plastic...
  • Din Rail Mounted Enclosure

    Din Rail Mounted Enclosure

    These optical boxes are used for the termination of optic fiber cables inside electrical racks equipped with DIN bar.
  • Closures


    The sealed optic splice closure is a container with a high IP protection level used in a hostile external environment (humidity, dust etc.) to protect the spliced...
  • Patch Panels

    Patch Panels

    Patch panels are used for the termination of fiber optic cables inside racks. These are available with various features: 19” 21” (ETSI) Extractable with...
  • Splice Trays

    Splice Trays

    Splice trays are used on the inside of patch panels and distribution boxes to accommodate the spliced fibers, guaranteeing the correct management of the fibers (ideal...
  • Cable Managers

    Cable Managers

    The cable manager is an accessory essential for the management of fiber optic and copper cables (patchcord) inside any rack.They are available with the following...
  • Rack Cabinets

    Rack Cabinets

    Rack cabinets are a very widespread system ideal for the management and organization of active devices used in telecommunications and data centers. CHARACTERISTICS:...