• FTTH Accessories

    FTTH Accessories

    Complete solution for FTTH cabling inside buildings. Passive optical components, assembled and certified in Fibernet laboratories.
  • Termination box and closure

    Termination box and closure

    Termination Boxes and Optical Closure for FTTH – Fiber To The Home, manufacted and tested within Fibernet laboratories.
  • Fusion Splicer Machines

    Fusion Splicer Machines

  • OTDR


  • Cable Strippers

    Cable Strippers

    Professional grade tools ideal for slitting outer jacket and other armored protection of optical fiber cables. In accordance with the model, they perform longitudinal...
  • Tube Strippers

    Tube Strippers

    Tube Strippers are essential tools for safely stripping and slitting optical fiber buffer tubes in loose cables. Ripley Miller 400 Series Kit Fiber Buffer Tube &...
  • Stripper


    The stripper is ideal to remove optical fiber coatings, in order to strip the cladding. This process is essential in both connection and splice application. According...
  • Kevlar scissors

    Kevlar scissors

    Kevlar scissors are a resistant, high-quality product that guarantees a clean cut of aramidic yarns within optical fiber cables. CHARACTERISTICS: Blades are made...
  • SC2 Extraxtion tool

    SC2 Extraxtion tool

    The Fibernet SC2 extraction tool is indispensable in order to manipulate SC2 connectors inside high-density distribution frames. CHARACTERISTICS: Entirely metal...
  • Fiber Optics Cleaning Kit

    Fiber Optics Cleaning Kit

    It is estimated that 70% of the malfunctioning of fiber optic systems is due impurities and dust that deposit on the surfaces of the connector ferrules. The cleaning...
  • Visual Fault Locator

    Visual Fault Locator

    The Fibernet Visual Fault Locator (or laser pen) is essential for locating quickly and easily signaling interruptions in fiber optic connections. It is a 650nm laser...
  • Fiber Optics Inspection Microscope

    Fiber Optics Inspection Microscope

    The ability to see optical terminations during installation is essential. It is estimated that 70% of the malfunctioning in a fiber network is due to lack of efficient...
  • Consumables


    Fibernet has a vast warehouse stocked with various consumables that are ideal when working with connectors on site. CHARACTERISTICS In stock, various thicknesses...
  • Copper Certifier

    Copper Certifier

    Copper Certifiers are essential instruments for checking and verifying copper network operation. As well as the OTDR, this tool can identify a line problem, that...
  • Simplex Adapters

    Simplex Adapters

    Simplex adapters allow a rapid connection between two optical connectors, guaranteeing maximum alignment between the fibers. CHARACTERISTICS: The complete range...
  • Duplex Adapters

    Duplex Adapters

    Duplex adapters allow a rapid connection between four optical connectors, guaranteeing maximum alignment between the fibers and optimal space saving. CHARACTERISTICS:...
  • Quad Adapters

    Quad Adapters

    Quad adapters allow a rapid connection between eight or more optical connectors guaranteeing maximum alignment between the fibers and optimal space saving. CHARACTERISTICS:...
  • Hybrid Adapters

    Hybrid Adapters

    Hybrid adapters allow a rapid connection between various types of connectors (SC with FC, LC with SC etc.) CHARACTERISTICS: Commonly used configurations available...
  • Plug-In Attenuators

    Plug-In Attenuators

    The optical attenuators are passive devices that reduce the optical power transmitted, guaranteeing a fixed attenuation to wavelengths of 1310 nm and 1550 nm (for...
  • Fiber Optic Connector

    Fiber Optic Connector

    Fibernet’s productive sector consists of five manufacturing lines and a technical laboratory for optical, mechanical and environmental testing. The lab is capable...
  • Standard Patch Cord

    Standard Patch Cord

    Patch cords are pre-connected optical fibers that are used to connect two systems or parts of an optical network (patch panel, Main Distribution Frame, etc.). Characteristics:...


    The  MPO connectors ( Multi-fiber Push On ) are the ideal solution for the wiring in areas with high density of fibers, such as data centers. There are 12 or 24...
  • Standard Minicore Cable

    Standard Minicore Cable

    Compact, flexible and lightweight: the minicore cable, available with 12 or 24 optical fibers, is the ideal solution for high-density applications. CHARACTERISTICS:...
  • Double Coating Minicore Cable

    Double Coating Minicore Cable

    This multifiber optical cable has a ø 4.5 mm outer sheath and a ø 3.0 mm inner jacket, and a double layer of strength member in aramid yarns. CHARACTERISTICS:...
  • Armored Minicore Cable

    Armored Minicore Cable

    This multifiber optical cable is reinforced against crushes with a helicoidal stainless steel tube. It can be terminated with the fan-out specifically designed by...
  • Mini Breakout Cables

    Mini Breakout Cables

    Mini breakout cables are an innovative product recently on the market, made up of a group of optical braces, each one with the dimensions of pigtail fibers (0.9mm)....
  • Breakout Cables

    Breakout Cables

    A breakout cable is a group of patch cords (each having a diameter of 1.6 or 2mm) pre-connectorized at both ends, wound over an FRP element and surrounded by one...


    A connector suitable for outdoor use with high IP protection grade, for industrial and FTTA (Fiber to the Antenna) applications. The acronym IP68 (International...
  • Armored Patch Cords

    Armored Patch Cords

    Armored patch cords differ from standard patch cords in the level of protection given to the cable.  They can be used externally thanks to the internal steel casing...
  • Breakout  Armored Cables

    Breakout Armored Cables

    An armored breakout cable is a group of patch cords (each having a diameter of 1.6 or 2mm) pre-connectorized at both ends, wound over an FRP element and surrounded...


    The compact fan out is supplied with polyamide protection tubes, in order to guarantee an easy and safe cable deployment during the installation and an efficient...
  • Dielectric Loose Tube Cables

    Dielectric Loose Tube Cables

    Loose cables with dielectric protection (that is, are not conductors) are mostly used in outdoor settings rather than indoor. The internal fiber has one primary...
  • Armoured Loose Tube Cable

    Armoured Loose Tube Cable

    Loose cables that have a metal protection differ from loose dielectric cables in that they have, running lengthways, a corrugated metal protection or metal bands...
  • Pigtail


    A pigtail is a short fiber optic cable with a diameter of 900 micron (0.9mm), with a connector at one end only. The fiber inside the connector is protected by one...
  • Colored Pigtail Kits

    Colored Pigtail Kits

    Recently the use of colored pigtails that have up to 24 fibers (IEC standard 60794-2) has been introduced to easily identify the fibers when splicing the termination...
  • Structured copper cabling

    Structured copper cabling

    Integrated solutions on structured copper cabling. A wide family of products, certified by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, designed to ease the installation...
  • Splitters


    Splitters are typically used in modern access networks, such as PON (Passive Optical Networks) and are responsible for dividing the signal coming from one or two...
  • Cable Jetting Machines

    Cable Jetting Machines

    Cable jetting machines are the most performant solution of cable and micro-cable laying in telecommunication pre-installed ducts. Two belts guarantee the cable moving...
  • FTTH Cables

    FTTH Cables

    Optical cables manufactured and test in Fibernet laboratories. Complete solution for FTTH cabling.
  • Optical fiber cable jetting products

    Optical fiber cable jetting products

    Large range of optical fiber cable jetting products. From HDPE micro-ducts for sub-pipe and buried jetting, to splice and connectors, suitable for cable jetting...
  • Optical Termination Boxes Wall-Mounted

    Optical Termination Boxes Wall-Mounted

    These boxes are used for the termination of fiber optic cables both for internal and external use with an adequate grade of IP. CHARACTERISTICS: Made with plastic...
  • Din Rail Mounted Enclosure

    Din Rail Mounted Enclosure

    These optical boxes are used for the termination of optic fiber cables inside electrical racks equipped with DIN bar.
  • Closures


    The sealed optic splice closure is a container with a high IP protection level used in a hostile external environment (humidity, dust etc.) to protect the spliced...
  • Patch Panels

    Patch Panels

    Patch panels are used for the termination of fiber optic cables inside racks. These are available with various features: 19” 21” (ETSI) Extractable with...
  • Splice Trays

    Splice Trays

    Splice trays are used on the inside of patch panels and distribution boxes to accommodate the spliced fibers, guaranteeing the correct management of the fibers (ideal...
  • Cable Managers

    Cable Managers

    The cable manager is an accessory essential for the management of fiber optic and copper cables (patchcord) inside any rack.They are available with the following...
  • Rack Cabinets

    Rack Cabinets

    Rack cabinets are a very widespread system ideal for the management and organization of active devices used in telecommunications and data centers. CHARACTERISTICS:...
  • Test Bed

    Test Bed

    The creation of the test bed came from the necessity to simulate, in very compact spaces, a PON (Passive Optical Network) in optical fiber. This apparatus is highly...
  • Launch Box

    Launch Box

    The Fibernet launch box is a historical product that has had a great deal of success with our clients. It was designed to address the problems expressed by installers...
  • Central Office Minibreakout application

    Central Office Minibreakout application

    Fibernet proposed the use of the minibreakout cable (in collaboration with Tratos Cavi Spa) to the dominant telephone operators in Italy in central offices, to facilitate...
  • Visibility Measurer

    Visibility Measurer

    Fibernet was granted financial support from the European Union for the research and development of innovative products. Thanks to the team of internal engineers...
  • Range Finder Test (telemeter)

    Range Finder Test (telemeter)

    Fibernet has designed and realized a device for calibration of military laser telemeters, useful to set heavy artillery shooting. This Range Finder Test has: Laser...
  • Story


    In the beginning of the 1980s Bema Sas, a Fibernet subsidiary company, was tasked with developing new products and solutions for the emerging fiber optics market....
  • Training Courses – Fibernet Academy

    Training Courses – Fibernet Academy

    Fibernet organizes highly qualified training courses held by expert instructors for all clients that have the need and the desire to improve their own knowledge...
  • Engineering Design

    Engineering Design

    Fibernet’s team of engineers is able to design, develop and customize products, as well as propose new turn-key solutions for the client. Some Fibernet projects:...
  • Assemblying Activity

    Assemblying Activity

    Fibernet offers its clients an in-lab assembly service of any kind of sub-frame and optical box and other on-demand products as well as a third party assembly system....
  • Installation


    Fibernet offers all interested customers support in the installation process. Fibernet has technical teams equipped with vans able to perform the following activities:...
  • Fusion Splicer Service

    Fusion Splicer Service

    Fibernet offers a service for the repair and the revision of the splicers for optical fibers Inno Instrument. Labs equipped with adequate instrumentation and highly...
  • Cleavers


    Fiber optic precision cleaver is an equipment necessary for splicing both mechanically and optically, performing a well-cut fiber for a high-quality splice. CHARACTERISTICS:...
  • Otdr Launch Lead

    Otdr Launch Lead

    A fiber launch lead is a passive optical equipment used with OTDR for the testing of a fiber optics link. It is made of a coiled optical fiber and it helps eliminate...
  • Optical Light Source/Power Meter

    Optical Light Source/Power Meter

    An optical light source is an apparatus that uses a diode laser or LED such as a stabilized light emitter. It is used with another instrument (power meter) that...
  • Splice Accessories

    Splice Accessories

    Fibernet offers various accessories for the joining of optical fibers, such as: Standard splice protection joint covers, 45mm and 60mm (heat shrinkable) Mini splice...
  • Ethernet Media Converter

    Ethernet Media Converter

    An Ethernet Media Converter is an active apparatus used to convert the Ethernet signal (electric) into an optical signal and vice versa.  Most commonly used when...