9300 km of optical fiber to connect Europe and Latin America

2019 saw the signing of the contract between EllaLink and Alcatel Submarine Networks, for the creation of a direct fiber optic connection between Europe and Latin America.

Preliminary analyzes of the cable route and the consequent physical construction works of the same began from January. The initial capacity, dedicated to research networks, will be 100 Gbps, intended for general traffic. To these will be added another 100 Gbps reserved for the data transmission of the European Earth observation program – Copernicus -. The distance covered will be approximately 5500 km as the crow flies, for a total connection, between the various cities, equal to 9300 km in length.

” The project “as Fernando claims Liello, co-chair of the consortium BEAUTIFUL for Europe ( Building the Europe Link to Latin America) “will have a huge impact not only on research, but also on the commercial and social implications of the relations between two continents with roots so close and at the same time geographically remote “.