Angacom, Un1co and Un1co mobile land in Cologne

Angacom, the international expo on. has closed its doors
telecommunications and broadband which took place in Cologne and to which Fibernet
participated with Un1co and Un1co mobile.

This family of products, which received a lot of attention from the participants, was designed to allow the installer to work with maximum efficiency and safety:


Un1co allows you to carry any useful equipment and tools for working inside a practical trolley that becomes a workbench. An all in one system, which facilitates the work of the operator in the field

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Un1co mobile

un1co mobile
Un1co mobile, on the other hand, is a compact work surface, which allows the technician to carry out cable splicing operations in any operating condition, even at high heights, without the instrumentation being at risk of accidental fall
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Download the datasheets of Un1co and Un1co mobile