Fibernet has obtained funding from the E.U. for research and development of innovative products.

Thanks to the team of engineers inside Fibernet, the company has designed, engineered and produced an innovative prototype capable of measuring the density of the fog in open areas within a radius of 20 meters.


  • Application of the optical backscattering principle (principle on which the operation of the O.T.D.R. is based) in the air instead of in the fiber.
  • Use of a laser with minimum power (20 mW) instead of power laser.
  • Electricity consumption reduction.
  • Reduction of risks deriving from the laser for the human eye.
  • Measurement of fog density based on the amount of backscattered power.
  • Self-sufficient system with solar power.
  • Embedded data transmission to the system via GPRS with the possibility of receiving
  • data on portable devices.

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