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Cable Jetting Machine

Entirely developed by Fibernet,
this compact cable jetting machine,
operated with a drill, is designed to works
also with compressed air to perform
blowing laying technique.
Change immediately your way to work!


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Research & Developement

We see fiber optics differently, above all we believe in products development. From the beginning, Fibernet designs and creates innovative products inclined to transform the fiber optic’s world.


Matteo – CEO


I joined Fibernet in 2010 after an experience in a multinational company and, from then on, I was lucky to be part of Fibernet continuous expansion. During these years I’ve experienced how the production and the achievement of targets are at the base of a group morale. I realized how important it is to precisely define goals and be surrounded by involved, positive and ethical people, able to look at work as a self-improvement opportunity. I like to see Fibernet as a company with strong family values but at the same time with management competence, in a continuous research of new solutions in fiber optic field, where people can be put in a position to better express their creativity.

Ismael – Sales Director


Hola a todos! As sales manager, I manage to sale through our sales’s network to ensure the expansion of Fibernet. I consider myself an enthusiastic person. My aim is always to overcome my limits and never stop learning. I have been here since 2010 but every day is a new challenge for me. I really love working in Fibernet because I enjoy it constantly and because I like to help our customers in the search for new solutions related to their needs.

Gregorio – CFO


I joined Fibernet in 2017 bringing with me an innate passion for companies management, tax consultancy and analysis through the management control. I take care about finances to make them flourish and in continuous expansion and I produce reports and industrial plans in order to support the property in the strategic choices. For me Fibernet is an ambitious excellence of Made in Italy where meritocracy and human values are really authentic and not just an utopia.

Marta – Production Manager


I manage the production area and coordinate the purchases and logistics. I am really determined, I like to work in a team and live my work with serenity and harmony. I’ve understood that everything that surrounds us and that we have achieved depends exclusively on us and this is what drives me to model a “present” and a flourishing future for all those who work in Fibernet. A huge level of responsibility is something that is completely shared in our company and this is precisely what allows me to be who I am today, to take care about customers and suppliers in equal way and to reach the highest degree of expansion and company growth.

Giancarlo – President


I have been dealing with optical fiber since 1980, when the first experimental fiber implants were made in Italy. Fibernet was born from the personal need to get involved and to give my technical contribution in the field of fiber connectivity. I have tried to build a company that gives a general added value and that is always oriented towards the R&D of new products and solutions. We are living an important phase of our company history and we have a lot of projects for the future.

  • Testimonial
    Francesca Gorello, Executive assistant

    Thanks to Fibernet, after years in the academic world, I had the opportunity to reinvent myself. Being responsible for human resources allows me to get in touch with people in a young but professional environment and to work every day with the right energy and motivation.

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  • Testimonial
    Francesco Costantini, Account Manager

    I have been dealing with TLC for 10 years, first in the services and now, with Fibernet, in the field of fiber optic products and solutions. More than just a seller, I like to consider myself a consultant, completely inclined to the customer’s need, with whom I can compare myself to find the best solution, guaranteeing his satisfaction

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  • Testimonial
    Ernesto Franconi, Account Manager

    I have always worked in the technology sector with passion and professionalism. In recent years I have discovered a strong interest in optical fiber field. Today, thanks to Fibernet, I have the opportunity to propose myself as a commercial reference and support you in choosing the best solution for your needs.

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  • Testimonial
    Federico Porta, Account manager

    My role in Fibernet is to find the best solutions usefull to satisfy every customer’s need, guaranting the maximum availability and a complete commercial support. I am very happy to be part of this team, young and willing, that aims to bring our company name as high as possible!

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  • Testimonial
    Silvia Dellaqueva, Back office

    As a Commercial Back Office, my goal in Fibernet is to receive customer requests and transform them in a quality finished product, as quick as possible. Willing and helpful, I am part of an harmonious team that places the customer at the center of every decision.

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  • Testimonial
    Silvia Bogoni, Treasury

    I am a cheerful and determined person: I take care of managing the treasury with the aim of optimizing financial flows. I also support the CFO in accounting and tax activities. In Fibernet since 2016, since the beginning I have always appreciated the positive and dynamic atmosphere that distinguishes it.

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  • Testimonial
    Vita Rizzo, Purchasing manager

    I take care about purchases and I am the relative reference for the major Italian and foreign suppliers, with whom I establish relationships of understanding and cooperation. The characteristics that best represent me are professionalism and willing. Dynamism is the most stimulating aspect of my activity in Fibernet.

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  • Testimonial
    Daniela Mele, Buyer

    I take care of managing purchase orders for the procurement of materials necessary for the realization of our products and customer satisfaction. Our reality is really dynamic, we work a lot and often the end of the day comes in a flash. For a smile, however, there is always space!

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  • Testimonial
    Luca Spadoni, Production planning

    I have been in Fibernet for about 10 years: this company gave me the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, starting as a technician in the production department and arriving today to manage production planning. I learned to grab challenges as opportunity to improve myself, working in a team and for the team.

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  • Testimonial
    Alessio Martinelli, Fibernet Academy trainer

    Teaching is as beautiful as it is complicated. Knowing the subject is not enough, you need to understand the needs of those in front of you: some experience in the Academy can change your life. I meet many people, all with a different story and while I try to teach them a trade, I always learn something from each one.

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Did you know that the whole Italian phone traffic

could pass through an optical fiber


Discover curiosities and increase your fiber optic knowledge.

Unico Bag

UN1CO bag is a backpack specifically designed for FTTH installers. Bring your splicing machine and everything you need with you, every day. Improve your productivity More infos? Contact Us

Unico Mobile

UN1CO mobile is a smart tray where you can fix splicing machine, cleaver and all the tools you need for FTTH applications. It can be worn, installed on a pole, on a ladder or on a tripod to maximize the efficiency More infos? Contact Us

Unico One

UN1CO one is a trolley that easily turns into a workstation: a complete modular workbench with everything you need to operate in the fiber optic networks More infos? Contact Us


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