A billion good news for South Italy

Open Fiber has decided to allocate one billion euros for the FTTH wiring of Southern Italy. An investment like few to reduce the gap between our country and the rest of Europe faster and faster.

The technological innovation plan will invest areas with market success – the so-called Clusters A & amp; B – in Campania, Puglia, Basilicata, Sicily and Calabria, as well as the so-called market failure areas – Cluster C & amp; D -, of the third and final call Infratel , in Puglia, Calabria and Sardinia.

To ensure the success of this project, it is therefore necessary to use new professional figures. For C & amp; Clusters only D there is talk of a workforce of 3500 units, also through 40 contractors and around 200 subcontractors.

A strong commitment that still sees Open Fiber protagonist, with the aim of raising Italy and bring it to European standards at the speed of the fiber.