Before being put on the market, a product requires a series of quality checks to verify its compatibility with the technical specifications of the main network operators.

Fibernet laboratories are set up with all the necessary equipment for the complete qualification of the products, whether they are fiber optic cables of any type, or accessories.

Climatic room

 Fibernet has a climatic chamber capable of subjecting the products to extreme stress conditions, thanks to repeated thermal cycles with high temperature changes, from -20 to +60 degrees centigrade, even lasting several days.

During these tests, the optical and mechanical performance of the product are constantly monitored and recorded and any anomalies in terms of variation in attenuation or deformation of the materials are reported.


Optical Bench

 The Fibernet technical laboratory has optical benches made up of professional Power Meters with pico-Watt (pW) sensitivity, optical sources of all the wavelengths necessary for the complete characterization of a product and adjustable attenuators. Each optical component has to pass strict controls: we are able to detect every irregularity with extreme precision.


Spectrum analyzer

 When an extremely specialized qualification, or a particular typing, is needed, is used the spectrum analyzer. In our laboratory we can verify the behavior of each optical component in response to each wavelength. Thanks to this instrument it is possible, for example, to detect with extreme precision the variations of the signal of PON network when an optical reflector is introduced.



Most malfunctions on an optical network are due to poor connector quality. . The control carried out on the connectors produced in Fibernet is constant, and the quality of the control is guaranteed thanks to the use of the interferometer, a tool capable of analyzing the ferrule of a connector in the smallest detail, performing a complete three-dimensional scan.
In this way, it is possible to detect every minimal geometric defect, from irregularities of the shape, to any imperfection in the cutting of the fiber or inaccuracy in lapping.
All the patchcords and cables made in the company are 100% tested to ensure compliance with the reference regulations and total reliability.

3D printer

 Our engineers create and design the ideal solutions to meet the needs of installers. Before the final realization of a product, however, it is necessary to carry out a series of tests on prototypes to understand their potential, to understand the strengths and eliminate their weak points.

The first phase of the design takes the form of 3D printing of the various components that will make up the finished object: allowing technicians to study them beyond the design plan, analyzing their dimensions and functionality in three dimensions. In this way, it is possible to get to the production of already mature and tested products.


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