SOC Fibernet, designed to fit to different splicers

High quality and easy assembly: these are the advantages of the new fusion connector, or SOC – Splice-on connector -, which Fibernet has developed for the optical fiber market.

This type of connector, consisting of a pre-assembled ferrule and pre-factory pre-assembled, is designed to be spliced ​​directly to the 900 μm cable.

Currently, the fusion connectors available on the market are developed directly by the producers of the splicers, which guaranteed their total compatibility with the instrument. This forced the installers to resort to a single type of SOC, linked to the model of instrumentation supplied.

The SOC designed by Fibernet has been specifically designed to offer the operator a universal product compatible with most of the splicers on the market.

In order to ensure maximum compatibility, in fact, the R&D department has developed a holder suitable for installation on different splicers, precisely in order to make the connectorization operations easy and effective.

Want to find out more about the SOC connector developed by Fibernet?

Click here to download the datasheet, or look at our video